Cyber-EXE ™ Polska

Cyber-defense exercises aimed at exploring the capacity and preparation of participating organizations to identify and address threats in the field of ICT security, and to operate effectively within a sector. The Cybersecurity Foundation is the initiator of the exercises and their organizer. Cyber-EXE exercises in Poland have been organized for such sectors as: Energy, Financial (twice) and Telecommunications. This type of exercise is worldwide known, however the exercises of our Foundation concentrates not only on cyber attacks but also test participants approach to PR communication (media simulation). Cyber-EXE Poland took place in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015.

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Security Case Study

Annual conference, which has already achieved permanent position in the calendar of the most important events dedicated to the cybersecurity in Poland and the CEE region. Started in 2014, covers wide spectrum of topics important for both the Polish and international cybersecurity as well as the technical aspects of the cybersecurity overall. The greatest value of the conference is its prelegents, who deliver high-quality speeches in formula of the „case study”. The conference is directed to, among others, IT managers and directors, Chief Security Officers, professionals responsible for IT systems and networks, consultants and experts in information security, managers and experts from risk management departments. The SCS conference although being a relatively new project on the market, it already gained significant recognition in the IT industry, which may be confirmed by the increasing number of participants. Over the years, it has grown by 220 people. In the 2017 edition we expect to host over 450 guests from Poland and abroad.

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Polish Civil Cyber Defense Association

In 2015 the Foundation established Polish Civil Cyber Defense Association (POC, Polska Obywatelska Cyberobrona), which gathers ICT security experts with significant knowledge and experience. One of the main reasons for establishing POC was to awake the great potential of Polish cybersecurity specialists for the sake of national defence. Experience has taught us, that the civilian component has always played a great role during the hostile cyber attacks on states. POC is suited for professionals, which have a lot of patriotic skills and motivations, but do not necessarily want to join the official structures of the state administration. CSF aim to give them a chance to make a meaningful contribution to the cybersecurity system of Poland. Since its establishment, POC has been involved in several cyber exercises, including Cyber Europe 2016 organized by ENISA.


Established in 2017, research project on the issues of manipulation of the Polish information sphere. Disinformation, propaganda, social engineering and cyber activity, combined with the carefully planned information impact, represent a real threat to the Polish security. In addition to the conducting analyses within the project, CSF also carries out a news bulletin in social medias that delivers insight on the information war issues and informs about incidents of misinformation in a Polish information environment.

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Research and education


Cooperation with the Office of Electronic Communications on creating a series of textbooks that promote the principles of safe use of electronic means of communication:









– “The most important threats to mobile devices connected to the Internet”
– “Guide the safe use of electronic means of communication in cyberspace”
– “Computer Security at school. Guide.”
– Links to textbooks, posters:



– “The biggest security threats for the internet” (Editions 2014, 2015, 2016)







– “Cybersecurity of fiscal transactions”



– “Cyber…Cyber…” – regularly recorded since April 2015
– Available at:
– Recorded for Cyber-EXE Poland Conference and Workshop projects
– Available at:

Security Awareness trainings

– Our foundation also provides SECURITY AWARENESS training for companies and individuals. Among others, we trained employees of the Office of Electronic Communications of Poland.
– More details on SECURITY AWARENESS training can be found at

Newsletters, bulletins

– “Zawór Bezpieczeństwa”, online bulletin:
– Available at: exiist from 2011 to the present day
– “CIIP focus” on-line newsletter with cooperation with the Government Security Center. The guidebook focuses on presenting new ICT threats and good ICT security practices. You can find there interviews with representatives of government administration as well as cyber security experts.
– Available at: 


Cooperation with Ministry of Digitalization and Administration (nowadays Ministry of Digitalization) in animated films production that promotes safe use of the Internet.

Cartoons were made not only for the youngest users but also for their parents, with the objective to raise their awareness of threats that bring new technologies. The series of animated films titled: “Child and Loco adventures in the Web” shows stories, which in funny way promotes the rules of safe use of the network. Cartoons were broadcasted at Disney Channel and Cartoon Network and presented during educational meetings with primary and middle scholl students. Each of cartoons presents different threat: cyberbullying, spam, malware, addiction. Animations, through funny adventures of main characters – Child and sheep Loco – shows the consecuences of rash and risky behaviors in the Internet. Each animation is ended with information about the scale of threat.

– Available on the YouTube FBC channel:


Awareness articles – addressing the topics of potential cyber threats and how to prevent them.

Sample of recent articles:

– “Spam on Facebook!”
– “Malicious Android program targeting mobile devices from TOR network”
– Articles and other awareness materials – available on the Foundation Facebook page: and FBC LinkedIn Website:

Other Initiatives involving CSF experts

– “Good Practice Guide for Incident Management”;
– “Roadmap to provide more proactive and efficient CERT training”;
– “Good Practice guide on Alerts, Warnings and Announcements”;
– Numerous participation in dozens of conferences and trainings, both in Poland and abroad, as a speakers.


Foundation is a member of the consortium organizing European CERTs cooperation – TRUSTED INTRODUCER, which is part of the project TERENA TF-CSIRT. Also works closely with the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA), the CEENet Association (Central Eastern European Network Association) and ISOC (The Internet Society). Foundation is a member of the APWG (The Anti-Phishing Working Group) and is a member of the Polish response and security teams’ forum – ABUSE-FORUM.