Cybersecurity Foundation is a non-governmental organization established in June 2010. Our main mission is to raise awareness on threats emerging from the cyber domain.

We educate, conduct cyber exercises and organize events for professionals. We also pursue research and development activities related to IT security and critical infrastructure protection.

The core of CSF is its experts, passionate people specialize in various fields of cybersecurity. Our vision is to be one of the most influential institution, which will meet the challenges of dynamically changing spectrum of threats.


Piszemy raporty, ekspertyzy i opracowania

Organizujemy ćwiczenia i gry sztabowe w zakresie reagowania na incydenty komputerowe

Realizujemy wydarzenia z zakresu IT Security

 Tworzymy programy uświadamiające z zakresu bezpieczeństwa teleinformatycznego.

Prowadzimy konsultacje i doradztwo w zakresie IT Security, ochrony danych osobowych i operacji informacyjnych


Cyber-defense exercises

Annual conference


Information Operations

Polish Civil Cyber Defense Association


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